GN50 Modular Aluminium Scaffolding System



Leader GN50 Modular Aluminium Scaffolding System is a patented invention that caters to most scaffolding applications. With its versatile multi-directional structure design, the system can be used on any complicated or irregular construction geometry; problems experienced in building construction previously can now be easily resolved.


The system eliminates all screw couplers. Construction is simple, assembling and disassembling can be carried out safely and speedily with little effort and ancillaries are not easy to get lost.


The system’s loading capacity is stable and reliable and it can be used on many applications safely and economically. Besides, it is designed to be used in conjunction with Leader’s Aluminium Shoring & Panel Slab Formwork System. It can also be set up and extended vertically or left and right indefinitely; it can conveniently be used on scaffolding with multiple working platforms, facade scaffolding, stages, supporting and cantilever towers etc.






  • LIGHT WEIGHT ENABLES HIGH EFFICIENCY - The Scaffolding System is assembling by Light-Weight & High Quality Aluminium braces and standards. Assembling of the Scaffold doesn’t need to use screws or bolts and nuts; erection is 5 times quicker than conventional screw type scaffolding.
  • MULTI APPLICATIONS - According to the requirements of various projects, the system can be set up in various shapes, different dimensions such as suspending scaffolding, cantilever rack, bridging frame, curved frame and stage rack etc.
  • GREAT LOAD CAPACITY - Load is transferred onto the connector but not on the vertical standard directly, which is within the same plane of scaffolding frame; high quality connector, which has the strong characteristics of bending, shearing and torsion resistance, Load Capacity exceptionally great.
  • NON WELDMENT COMPONENTS - Non weldment components are made from robust, light-weight, and high quality aluminium alloy tube and very stiff steel connectors.
  • CONVENIENT TO HANDLE – Effective Labeling System are designed to facilitate assembling or storage and speedy assembly.
  • EASY TRANSPORTATION & STORAGE - The longest structural member is only about 3m in length. Apart from platform panel, the heaviest structural component is weighted averagely 2~5 kg. Easy to convey and transport. Labour cost is very low.






Leader GN50 Modular Aluminium Scaffolding System incorporated with outstanding features and merits, which could be the Best Substitution to existing scaffolding systems, such as traditional steel, aluminium and bamboo scaffold etc.


Structural Features of different types of Scaffolding Systems   
Structural Features

Leader GN50

Modular Aluminium Scaffolding System

Traditional Steel Scaffolding  Bamboo Scaffolding 
Construction Characteristics Innovative patented design, no welding on connectors and various ledgers, braces Connectors are secured by welding, or multiple screwing/wing nuts are used to set up Set up by tying
Mode of load bearing Load bearing at the same axis as shaft centre Various and complicated, join pin may have load bearing on the shaft centre or may have load bearing not on the same axis Load bearing by friction
Flexibility Multi-directional design; high flexibility; application can be extended indefinitely, infinite functions and usages Some designs are with low flexibility, normally applicable to various functions and usages High flexibility
Weight Linear Uni-tube  construction, light weight, easy to convey and stow Scaffolding frame and tubing very heavy, difficult to convey and stow Weight not stable.
Structure Safety Highest stiffness and rigidity, extremely stable and safe structure. Some designs with good stiffness and rigidity, stable structure Material prone to change in quality and function affected by weather or circumstances, structure unstable
 Design Standard  Standard design, European GS Safety Standard  Large number of brands, dimensions not standard  No design standards




Usage of different types of Scaffolding Systems
Usage Features

Leader GN50
Modular Aluminium Scaffolding System

Traditional Steel Scaffolding Bamboo scaffolding
Assembling/ Dismantling efficiency Light-weight at handling, safe in assembling & dismantling with high efficiency High labour intensity, low efficiency Average efficiency, assembling & dismantling speed and working safety very much depend on workers’ skill
Material Wear & Tear Low wear and tear, non-rusty, high repeated usage rate, accessories easy to be replaced, locking parts not easy to get lost Low wear and tear, welded and rusty accessories cannot be dismantled for replacement, some joining part easy to get lost Material easy to crack, wear and tear great
Transport & Storage Cost Compact, cost very low Weight heavy, cost high Cost high
Environmental & Recycling Can be used repeatedly and recycled Recyclable Not easy to be recycled, not environmentally friendly
Labour Intensity Less labour requirement Labour intensity very high Labour intensity high
Loading capacity Loading capacity great, connectors most robust Loading capacity great, welded connections/screw comparatively weak, incident -prone Not stable and loading capacity low