ML Series



Leader ML Series Material Lifts are designed for heavy duty applications for all industries. Design only require one person for quick, easy set up and operate. With the compact size, the stowed height is only 1.99m, makes it could pass through standard doorway and elevator. It is easy to store and transport while the lift in stowed position.


The working height ranges from 1.5m to 7.9m and the highest loading capacity is 450kg. Along with wide range of options and accessories, the ML Series is suitable for thousands of uses and general industry purposes such as exhibitions, concerts, lighting set up applications as well as logistics and electric industries etc.





      • The standard base has five different lifting heights to choose.

      • Versatility design is ideal for exhibitions, advertising and construction industries.

      • Provides different winch systems that include one speed, two speed and electric motor.

      • One speed winch can be operating by one person and makes heavy lifting jobs easier.

      • Two Speed and electric motor winch options give lifting assignments more effective. Operator uses less strength to complete the lifting job.

      •  Invertible forks can be installed in up/down position depending on the application requirement.

      • Machine stowed height only 1.99m, it can pass through standard doorways and elevators.

      •  Stabilizers can increase stability and load capacity, and it can be fold up to minimize the storage space.

      • Rear transport wheels assist the machine load onto van or truck easily.